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Your Boudoir Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a Boudoir Photo Shoot is a big step!  Here are some answers to common questions....


What Should I Bring?


Literally anything you love!  Maternity and Boudoir sessions include up to three different looks so consider mixing it up with something more formal or dramatic and something a little softer.


You don't need a ton of stuff to take great photos. You can't go wrong with classic looks like a black bra and panty set.  Nude and implied nude is always an option.  The studio also has a small collection of corsets and costumes to choose from however the size range is pretty limited (6-12).


It's okay to bring more than you need.  Show up with rolling luggage if you want to!  We can always pair down your options the day of your session. 

Think about shoes and accessories.  Remember that you don't have to be able to walk in high heels to take smashing photos in them so feel free to be bold with your footwear!


What if I don't know how to pose?


Don't worry!  The only people who already know how to pose their own body and face in a photo shoot are usually professional models.  

I will provide as much guidance as you need during your session including posing and facial expressions that capture you at your best and are true to who you are and the style of your shoot.  It's part of what I do! 


If you find a pose or style online you want to try, show me!  I can guide you with posing and help you get exactly the look you want. 



Will my photos be posted online?




Because maternity and boudoir photo shoots are of an intimate nature, images from these shoots are completely private by default.  Unless you give me explicit permission to share specific images from your session on my website or social media, they will remain private. 

Can I post my photos online?


Yes! When you purchase digital files, you can share them anywhere you want!  This includes the option to use them on monetized platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans.

Will my photos be retouched?


Yes.  Skin retouching on all photos is included.  This means all skin showing will be lightly smoothed and any minor blemishes will be removed for a magazine quality airbrushed look.

This is optional and if you prefer not to have your skin retouched, that is completely okay. 


I will not make significant alterations to your appearance (scar/tattoo removal, body contouring, etc) unless it's specifically requested by you and there may be an additional fee for extensive photo editing. 



The Process

Book it

Schedule your  session. Allow plenty of time before and after so you won't be rushed.

Plan it

I'll reach out and set up a time for us to talk in the studio or over the phone and go over details to help you get ready. 

shoot it

A professional stylist will do your hair and make up when you arrive. Then we'll spend 1-1.5 hours shooting.

Love it

You'll return to the studio a week later for a dramatic "reveal" session where you will be able to view your images and build your portrait package. 

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