Glitter is Forever: Another Experiment with Creative Lighting

This weekend I continued my experimentation with colored lights. Models Nae and Kelly came to the studio to model some unusual concepts for me. Even with all my knowledge of lighting and photography, a lot of this was simple trial and error.

For the first set of photos, I used galvanized metal roofing material for the back drop and continuous colored lighting. To the right of the model are several colored bulbs mounted to a light stand and to the right there is a strip of colored LEDs taped to the wall. I tried a few with a white flash light to punch up the eye lighting.

The next set was in the bathtub. This was the part I was truly invested in because as I have mentioned, I want to try colored lights in the water....

We used a lot of glitter. A lot. Body oil made everyone's skin sticky and then we shook the glitter on. Kelly said it was like "seasoning" someone which was hilariously accurate. One both models were thoroughly seasoned, we went into my tiny bathroom. A key element during this part of the shoot was staying vigilant about multiple safety issues. Water, oil, and electricity were all at play in a small area so we took precautions to make sure no one slipped or got shocked. Extra glitter had to be added to the water frequently as it sank to the bottom of the tub. Given that the bathroom is mostly white and the tile is highly reflective, the lighting was not exactly a precision game. I used the colored bulbs, the LED strip, and a partially covered on camera flash for eye light.

I could not be happier with the results of this shoot and I'm as determined as ever to keep practicing with creative lighting and learn new things. It is so much fun to work with other creative people like Nae and Kelly who brought me the glitter bath idea in the first place and were real troopers during one of the messiest shoots I've ever done. Despite long thorough showers afterwards, they were both still covered in glitter. I filtered heaps of it through a coffee filter while the tub drained, it took several cleanings after that and there are still traces of glitter in the shower, the bathroom and the studio. Worth it! My next creative shoot is scheduled for May 11th and the model may look familiar depending on how long you've been following my work so look out for that. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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