New Communion Mobile Market & Food Pantry Providing Pictures with Santa for Low-Income Families

The poverty rate in Winston Salem, North Carolina is higher than average. Approximately 28% of our residents are living below the poverty level and the majority of them are children.

New Communion Mobile Market & Pantry is a faith-based organization that has been operating since 2016 with the goal of enhancing community relationships and diminishing the impacts of hunger and food insecurity. This holiday season that includes a Christmas event with volunteers providing low-income children with a fun experience where they can enjoy festive snacks, get their picture taken with Santa, and even go Christmas shopping for their families.

Rachael Fern Photography will be packing up the studio this Saturday and the Christmas tree backdrop will get used one final time this year at the New Communion Christmas event.

This year, please consider making a donation to this organization to support their work in our community.

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