Relaxing in a Blood Bath: A Halloween-themed Photo Project

The first Halloween-themed photo session of this season featured James in a bathtub full of blood. It was only a slight variation on all of the sexy milk bath maternity sessions I've been doing recently. There were a few key substitutions made. Instead of a beautiful pregnant woman, a sleek, bearded man. Instead of milk, blood, Instead of flower petals, cigarette butts and blood clots.

After working third shift, James seemed quite comfortable sinking into a warm blood bath with a cup of coffee and a cigarette while I snapped away. Clean up wasn't nearly as difficult as I had thought although I did have lots of help.

The next Halloween Boudoir shoot on the calendar is completely different from this one and centers around organic matter, plant life, and of course, glitter!

Do you have a unique idea for a Halloween Photo Shoot? There is still time to get to the studio and bring your creepy idea to life! There is no concept too simple, too elaborate, too weird, or too gross.

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