If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Crow Lady

An aesthetic conceived by artist Allison Hutchins, the concept is a sort of "Crow Queen". I was surprised to find that #crowqueen already had 402 posts on Instagram, and some of them were things I would have preferred not to see, but nevertheless...

For this series, Allison hand crafted a bird's nest head piece complete with tiny eggs and a long flowing skirt made from chiffon and tulle. She included a corset from the studio's wardrobe and and black feather shrug.

The birds were the toughest part to find but we reached out to our community and someone came through.

Allison said the idea was born out of insomnia, that it started with the dress and expanded from there.

Originally the concept was going to be a little girl in a field but it evolved into a woman, a Crow Queen.

Building on this idea, Allison is considering making this a bird series including concepts like a peacock and a flamingo.

To see more of Allison's work, visit Allison Hutchins Art & Photography

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