Mr. Monk: A Sharp Dressed Man

For everyone who misses seeing this guy on my Facebook, I decided to post these photos in honor of Mr. Monk. For everyone else who is unfamiliar with just what in the world I'm talking about, I'll explain. Mr. Monk is a Chihuahua mix that I fostered through Project Pearl this fall. I just happened to notice him at Forsyth Animal Control when I was helping out with a photo shoot there. Right away he got my attention and won my heart over. I was taking a big dog back to her kennel when Mr. Monk got my attention. He started shuffling and bee-bopping around and doing jazz hands. I love doing stuff at the animal shelter because I love dogs but falling in love is a real hazard. It's inevitable too, so I don't even try to pretend I won't get some feelings sometimes.

Later that same day I found out that he needed a foster home and I almost lost my mind. I rushed back to the shelter feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. This little guy was a non-stop delight from day one.

He was also annoying and infuriating. He never ran out of energy or got tired of playing. My house was non-stop Dog Wrestle-mania for three months. If anything happened anywhere within a 5 mile radius of my house, Mr. Monk would sound the alarm and all the dogs would go flying out the front door to bark at it. The dude was also smart and stubborn and did not like the policy of being in a crate anytime I left the house. He quickly learned that when I put my shoes on and got my keys, that was his cue to stay out of reach at all costs. He would go out the dog door and then poke half his head back in to keep an eye on what I was doing without risking capture.

During his time with me he quickly got a reputation as "an avid outdoorsman". Despite his short stature and sassy hair-do, he was not one to shy away from an adventure. On rainy days, all the other dogs would be staying in under a blanket, Mr. Monk would be out getting muddy. He loved to come inside after some nature time and go directly into my bed. As a result, every night when I pulled back the covers, I inevitably discovered a good deal of mulch and or some dead bugs that had to be dealt with.

It was a small price to pay for the quality snuggling that this guy delivered. His signature move was just to wander up to me while I was sitting on the couch and lay his tiny head down on me and fall asleep. Oh my heart!

Mr. Monk was truly a character in my life, but what he was most famous for was his love of formal wear. He developed quite the wardrobe while he lived with me so how could I resist doing a formal photo shoot with him?

He was true to form during his photo shoot and he did not make it easy on me. I thought it would be as simple as getting him dressed and snapping a few photos. He had other plans. He scampered around the studio and stuck his tongue out at me a lot. He also refused to show off his fancy luxurious tail that he was always whapping me in the face with. Oh well. I still got a couple good ones.

My time with Mr.Monk came to end a few weeks ago when he was finally adopted. I thought my heart was going to break but it didn't. The people who adopted him were just so wonderful and I knew they would give him everything he deserved and I knew he would adore them in return.

I recently got a new foster dog. Her name is Lily. Before coming to the shelter, she was hit by a car and her pelvis was fractured. She's been confined to her crate so far while her bones heal, but when she recovers, you'll be hearing all about her.

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