Professional Head Shots

What: Professional Head Shots at Pepsi

 When: Thursday, October 4, 2018

Where: Concourse Level – Outside Auditorium

Updating your professional head shot will be quick and convenient! Just sign up and show up!  We will be set up under the stairs with studio lights and a neutral grey backdrop.   If you are concerned about being "unphotogenic", don't worry!  My lights are designed to be flattering and I can offer posing guidance to ensure that we capture your best angle. Your portrait will be lightly retouched and emailed to you within the week so you can post it to online profiles or include it on printed material.  

There will be a lot of people and you may have to wait in line a few minutes, but you can minimize your wait by scheduling yourself in one of the 15 minute windows in the online schedule.  

Because your photo will be emailed to you, it is important that you make sure your email is entered correctly.  When you arrive on set and check in, there will be a release form to fill out.  It is important that you fill this out legibly to ensure that your image goes to the correct person.

To sign up, click the "Schedule Online" button above or below and view the available time slots.  

If the spot you want is full, sign up in the one closest to it, show up at the time you prefer, but expect to wait a few minutes. 
This is not a rigid schedule. If you sign up for a spot but you have a break in your day at a different time and notice there is no line for photos, you are welcome to come over early.  
If you have any questions or difficulty navigating the sign up page, feel free to call or email Rachael Fern Photography!


How to Prepare for Professional Head Shots

Consider what you want your head shot to communicate about you and keep that in mind when choosing an outfit.  Do you want people to know you are creative, smart, responsible, laid back, friendly, powerful, etc?  Is what you're wearing in line with the image you want to project?


Ask your friends, spouse and people you see a lot what colors look best on you or if you have an outfit they think you look particularly good in.  These are head shots so you only have to worry about the top.   


Keep it simple. Solid colors almost always look best. A simple white, button down shirt can make a spectacular portrait. Remember the focus of these pictures should be your eyes and smile. Busy fabric patterns, clashing colors, and brand logos can clutter the image.  Stay away from clothing with text or obtrusive logos on it, unless it is relevant to the image. Words on your clothes will dominate your picture and distract from your face. This is just a guideline and not a law. If you have a specific idea that includes an outrageous outfit, by all means, do it! This can be effective, especially if part of your professional image is being wacky.  However, if you are unsure of what to wear or what you want to say to the world with your head shot, stick to something simple. You can even bring an extra shirt or jacket with you and I'll give you my opinion in person.


Take a deep breath and enjoy the process!  Being photographed can make us feel incredibly insecure and self-conscious.  Relax, be yourself, it's going to be fun!

If you have any questions feel free to call Rachael Fern Photography directly at 336.757.2728 or email

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